Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, cover me in ice-cream and bite my bum...

    ...and then tie me up with Magnetic Duct Tape?  Why would you need to magnetise something that already sticks?  Do they make it in double-sized?  Just don't use it when your hard drive is falling apart at the seams... Och nevermind....I'm just being stoopid again.

    Then my mind wandered off

    Or how about magnetic paint?  Well...you get blackboard paint...

    What's next?  Silent Velcro?

    This got me thinking about Stuff-on-a-Stick.

     Hot Dog on a Stick

    Sushi on a stick

    Horse on a Stick

    Even Beer on a Stick

    You can even pee-on-a-stick.

    Smile on a Stick

    This one's for Dutch Donut Girl

    Carrot on a stick (actually that looks a bit phalic)

    Ciggies on a stick

    Stick USB on a stick

    What would you put on a stick that would make your life easier?

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