Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boswell Wilke Circus

    Yesterday we were invited to a Kids 5th Birthday Party out at the Old Boswell Wilke Circus farm in RandVaal.  Happy Birthday Tayanna!

    The Circus no longer runs or provides shows but they use the venue for kids birthday parties and some of the original circus members are still there. 

    The coffee shop they have there is like a mini-museaum with old Boswell Wilke Circus costumes, photos and paraphanelia.  I loved walking through the old wooden house with tin roof, looking at the 50 years of history that this circus has enjoyed. 

    Remember Tiekie the Clown?  Anyone who grew up in South Africa and went to the circus, knows the midget clown.  There were loads of pictures of him and loads of costumes that he used to wear.

    The children get to practise some circus routines;  the trapese, tight rope walking, juggling, swinging, face painting and then finally they get bright, sparkly circus costumes to wear and put on a show for the parents.  Its a great venue for a kids party however, yesterday it was pissing with rain which made it a little disappointing as we had to wade through loads of puddles to get to each part of the venue.

    The kids enjoyed it for 4 hours and the sugar rush was enjoyed for the rest of the day after eating loads of sweeties, popcorn, candy floss, pink birthday cake, hotdogs, lollipops...

    Inside the Coffee Shop

    Some of the old Circus signage

    Old Photos on the walls

    Old Circus Machine

    the children practising inside the "Big Top" circus tent

    The Circus Dogs put on a show

    The Candy Floss Stand inside the Big Top Tent

    Puting on The Show

    Tiekie The Clown

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