Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conversation with 5-year-old Kaylin

    KK hasn't taken this tie of for three days
    Conversation with my youngest,  5 year-old Kaylin, driving home from school:

    KK: Mum, I made you an Easter Egg picture!

    Me: Thanx ma’ darlin’ that’s very good, such nice bright colours!

    KK: Paulina told us a story about Jesus dying and going to Heaven.

    Me: That’s nice. Did you enjoy the Easter story?

    KK: Yes. 

    Pause for KK’s pondering

    KK pointing to her chest.

    KK: Jesus lives in our hearts! *pounding her chest*

    Pause for more KK’s pondering

    *KK sings J!–E!–S!-U!-S! at full volume*

    KK: Jesus died and went up to Heaven to God.

    Me: Yes, love.

    KK looking at a young cool dude who pulled up in the car next to us at the traffic lights. He was wearing a black beanie and pumping his music in his pimped-out VW GTi.

    KK pointing at the dude.

    KK: Mum, do you think Jesus lives in that boy's heart?

    Me: Yes, I would suppose so. 

    KK: I looooooove Jesus. He’s my favourite!

    KK starts singing “Jesus Loves me”.

    Isn't it GREAT being 5?

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