Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stuff that Rocks My Face Off


    Monday Music Moves Me's theme this week is Reggae.  Make a spleef, mon!  Go Link up with Xmas Dolly and show her your jomming toonz, mon!

    To me Tosh was one of the great reggae originals. I love his stuff.

     And now Stuff that Rocks My Face off:

    Britians Got Talent

    Australia's Got Talent

    Lindt Chilli Chocolate
    My Black Biker boots
    Liquid Eyeliner and how it makes my eyes pop
    Tomato Soup
    My Duck Down Pillow
    Rooibos Pampering Products for that winter skin
    Don't forget to leave me a Question for my Vlog.  Because of Blogger fucked up last week and all my comments were deleted!  So, go leave another comment.

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