Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • anandrajesh
    07-02 12:00 PM
    Well, this is a clear sign of "You are not Needed here, get the heck out of our country". May be we should heed to this msg and move out.

    I wasted My money, Time, Took a Few shots at the Doctor, declined a good Permanent Offer for all this. What a Waste...

    This is a sad sad news


    The sudden backlog reduction efforts by Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices during the past month have resulted in the use of almost 60,000 Employment numbers. As a result of this unexpected action it has been necessary to make immediate adjustments to several previously announced cut-off dates. All Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices have been notified of the following:

    Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations inresponse to requests for Employment-based preference cases. All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation

    have been made available. Employment preference numbers will once again be available to these chargeability areas beginning October 1, 2007, under the FY-2008 annual numerical limitation.

    Department of State Publication 9514
    CA/VO: July 2, 2007

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  • perm2gc
    01-17 01:34 PM

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  • starscream
    09-10 09:25 PM
    Can anyone plz updae what happened to HR 5882 - did the house judiciary commitee pass the bill

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  • user2005
    01-16 09:42 AM
    signed up for $20/month.


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  • eb3retro
    03-10 01:40 AM
    I am a july 2nd filer and have changed job 2 times in the past one month and I have no intention to let know USCIS because

    a) There is no mandatory law that states that we should do it.
    b) I personally feel that sending AC21 documents will trigger an RFE for sure,(in the other case, there are chances that u may not get this).
    c) Lawyer is asking for $1500 for doing nothing on this.
    d) I am prepared to deal with the RFE if it comes thru.

    All of the above I did for changing my 7 year old employer who exactly knew that I cannot change job and kept me in the same position for 7 years even though I was exemplary in my job performance.

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  • va_il
    12-27 01:53 PM
    Munna Bhai
    I talked to Atty Murthy's office about the same issue. They said that
    they had couple of experience where I140 revoked. But USCIS honored
    the original PD. But atty says that its kinda grey area. They could insist
    that if I140 is revoked, new PD could be your change of employement date.
    It depends on the officer . Some of them could honor PD. Some of them insist to the newer PD. Or some other officer may flip a coin and chose one. It will all depend on your luck.

    good luck

    Does this mean a person with EAD has some risk moving to another job even after 6 months if old employer revokes I140?


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  • abhathakur
    03-08 11:30 PM
    The last time I managed to ping an admin assistant level person at the Records and Information Dissemination Section at FBI that is responsible for NNCP, she said the analysts were looking at the 2002/2003 files and this was when I called in November 2005 (No amount of cajoling or pleading or trickery would make her say a word beyond that, very intimidating the female!!!). I am not sure if the 2002/2003 was a reference to the receipt date or the priority date, my guess is it must have been the receipt date of the I-485 application.

    Considering the receipt date of my application is in Nov., is going to be a wait and the India EB-2 Visa availability in the interim for my PD can pretty much oscillate from being available to not and back and I'll still be waiting!!!

    Anyway, it was good to know through a privacy act request to the FOIA division of the FBI that the index check in their central name check database produced no hits for if their NNCP bretheren would come to the same conclusion SOON, that would be something!!! By the way, I spoke with the FOIA liasion at the FBI and he did say that the NNCP department was in the process of making status inquiry possible again...dunno how long thats gonna take though!

    On a different note, have made my second contribution to IV and have inspired an impacted friend to do the same and have exhorted others to make a contribution as reason for aligning with IV, I like to fight the right fight not just because it is my fight right now.

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  • Hassan11
    07-17 11:04 AM
    Numbers USA changed their web fax from H-1 are tax exempt to this (see below):

    Dear [This fax will go to Your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative ]

    I oppose any increase in the annual H-1B visa cap, including those in the SKIL Act. I am counting on you to oppose it.

    Here are just a few reasons why I hope you will oppose the SKIL Act:

    (1) The six-year visas allow foreign workers to bring in their families, and guarantee thousands of anchor babies.

    (2) The H-1B program does not require most employers to give hiring priority to qualified U.S. citizens and permanent residents. If the employer is also sponsoring the foreign worker for a green card, there is such a requirement, but again loopholes render the rule meaningless. As prominent immigration attorney Joel Stewart has said, "Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. workers who apply."

    (3) H-1Bs can leave the job they came to fill and seek other jobs, not necessarily in the "hard to fill" category.

    (4) Most H-1Bs are of a "protected" ethnic group, so H-1Bs have an affirmative action preference when competing with Americans for the same jobs.

    The result of the SKIL Act would be to further depress the wages of Americans working in high-tech and scientific fields and to cause additional job displacement for those workers.

    Sincerely, [Your Name Will Appear Here]

    see link


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  • alex99
    10-16 10:33 AM
    Please participate in EB3 Poll

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  • zuhail
    03-11 09:23 PM
    I have emailed the IV administrators seeking the opinion of the IV team and
    about prioritizing the recapturing of visa numbers on the IV agenda.
    May be I would be able to speak with one of the IV administrators about this issue soon.


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  • bigboy007
    06-10 06:48 PM
    how come senators support this kind of piece meal approach when they are not ready to support the pain being endured in piece meal approach. They can also recapture imm visas in piece meal.

    Also this specifically talks about any employer visa petition not necessaryily EAD. I have passed all this to my friends to oppose though. Thanks for bringing this up. With minimal opposition the fate would be as same as that of TARP amendment.

    People are ready to endure the pain rather raise their voice.

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  • mirage
    02-04 08:51 PM

    I know ROW country may not like this thread, but look at EB-3 India or China, put yourself in our shoes and than you may realize how unfair this country is. In this unprecedented financial turmoil, I feel there are very remote chances for CIR or any package which increase immigration etc would pass, I am taking this initiative to gather as many people I can and go to washington. Again this is not an IV effort. If you are with me , you can spare some time it could be few days in Washington!! please PM me.
    Again we are not creating any organization or anything, we are not going against IV's agenda. This is also a part of IV's agenda, but for now our sole agenda will be to bring a 2 line bill to remove country quota or increase the country cap(whichever can fly).

    PS : For EB-3 India, unless country cap is removed or increased, you can presume you GC application dead forever...For EB-2 India It'll be a long journey for people with PDs sooner than 2005...



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  • srikondoji
    07-16 05:19 PM
    Iam really not worried about NUMBERSUSA. More than that iam worried about senators who believed such a propaganda and opposed the bill.

    Iam sure now that america is not safe in the hands of such senators who don't do their due dilligence and just believe into lobbysts.
    Shame on such senators.

    they are shameless liars and racists

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  • chetanjumani
    02-22 08:24 AM
    From my understanding any left over EB4 and EB5 also get carried over to EB1 and from EB1 to EB2. SO would EB2 get the benefit of Eb4 + EB5 + EB1 ?



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  • skark
    03-21 05:31 PM
    Well, if the poll results is in anyway reflecting real numbers out there with pre 2003 EB3-India applicants being in substantial numbers, then its gonna be a loooong wait for PD to even reach mid to late 2003! Hope its not like that and the "PD seniors" were more active in the poll than the "newcomers"!

    Either way we'll know very soon! *^$%&*$^&%# Just venting my frustration...

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  • Legal_In_A_Limbo
    03-10 09:12 AM
    I changed 5 employers over the past 6 years, after I filed my GC. I never did AC21 with out them asking for it and I responded to only one RFE with whatever the document they requested and I mentioned that I used AC21 to change the job.

    Seems like you file G-28 by yourself. We are also looking into doing that, but have not been able to get anyhelp. Can you please guide us about filling the G-28. We wil really appreciate that. Is there any particular format we need to follow?


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-11 07:08 PM
    "All men dream but not equally.
    Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."
    - T.E. Lawrence

    Don't we all dream of getting a GC???
    What is stopping you from to DC???
    Come & join hands & lets be heard!!!!
    Go IV!!!

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  • ursosweet
    07-16 10:24 PM
    i suggest rather than talking big words, lets do something.
    like someone on immigrationportal has drafted a letter to time warner stating the misrepresentation of facts by that rascal lou dobbs about h1b visa holders.
    IV core team, once this july fiasco is dealt with, lets draft a long letter and send it to these senators with a copy of our pay stubs showing them that we pay what americans pay.

    i had written letters to my senators and congressman and to NPR abt. the July 2007 fiasco. The more we stand by each other, the more difficult for anti-immigrants and racists to penetrate.


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  • go_gc_way
    01-18 02:05 PM
    Hi Go_Gc_Way

    Can you please modify the AD content.

    Immigration voice is a non-profit 501 (c) (4) (pending) organization. All of Immigration Voice�s financial transactions will be audited by a CPA, submitted to the IRS.(please remove pending,we are approved)

    Members from 6000 to 8000.

    Content, content updated. Please verify and let me know.

    10-27 03:10 PM
    Please participate in this poll.

    05-12 03:04 PM
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