Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Abulia
    Sep 20, 06:04 PM
    Cheers for your comments Abulia, I thought I'd give it a go anyway but you're right it didn't work. I just get the flashing power light, a loud beep then the Mac startup chime and a normal boot up. Strange. Oh well will wait for a fix from Apple I guess.
    Or if you have a spare drive sitting around that you can boot from (like an external Firewire) for the sole purpose of installing the update.

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  • xPismo
    Oct 27, 01:14 AM
    Yeah! I knew paying for .mac would pay off in the end!! I like it. Cool stuff.

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  • Skika
    Dec 14, 07:54 AM
    Anyone thinks thats why they went a little overkill with the current resolution? So they can keep the same resolution on a 4 inch screen and still looks good plus no problems for apps and developers?

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  • avkills
    Sep 20, 05:57 PM
    Microsoft has not beat Apple as far as a 64bit consumer OS goes. Name one consumer chip that is 64bit. Thank you. Carry on.

    Also, I think NT is limited to 4 processors unless they have updated that recently. Clustering is not the same as a multi-processor machine. Unix scales better than NT, just deal with it. Apple could easily make a rack server that had 16 processors, with a kick arse OpenGL card and teach SGI a lesson. They don't have the market for that though...yet!



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  • lord patton
    Nov 14, 01:03 PM
    With their proprietary dock connector becoming ubiquitous in cars and airplanes, it's only a matter of time before the government uses anti-trust law to crack down on Apple. Not because they really believe iPod dominance threatens the "public good" (whatever that is), but because it will be a way to extort protection money from Apple (i.e. campaign contributions) and sell government services (regulatory predation) to their competitors.


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  • Alisstar
    Mar 13, 04:35 PM
    iPhone 4 here with iOS 4.3 installed. No issues to report with the clock.


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  • trainguy77
    Jun 1, 07:48 PM
    I really like your pic redeye_be it reminds me of something. :rolleyes:

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  • vocaro
    Apr 2, 07:42 PM
    Except for a minor cursor glitch, I haven't encountered any bugs in Pages, and it does everything I've asked of it. I especially love the way it handles graphics. Being able to drag pictures where you want them and keep them there, letting text flow around them as you type, is sooo much nicer than what I've experienced in Word, which is usually "Dammit, Word, why did you bump my picture to the next page just because I typed three letters?"

    So contrary to most of the posters here, I'm quite happy with Pages. I agree that the user interface could use some remodeling, especially the tedious Inspector pane, but overall I've been impressed with the quality of this 1.0-level app that only costs $40 (so to speak). It's a great Word alternative for those who don't need Excel and don't want to shell out several hundred bucks (MS Office) just to get something better than TextEdit.


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  • OutThere
    Apr 9, 08:30 AM
    The fact that a big sticking point in all of this was the social conservative nonsense about abortions and planned parenthood is just ridiculous. If this is all that many of our politicians can think about in times like these, we're ********** doomed.

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  • 2IS
    Apr 21, 07:53 PM
    4S moniker should be reserved for Porsche


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  • Bosunsfate
    Nov 21, 04:47 PM
    They work, buy passing a relativly large current 3-20 amps, depending on wattage. to draw heat from one side to another basically. one side is -10 degrees c. The other is +80 degrees c.

    This hits what I think is their main do you get these numbers down.

    A nearly 100C difference and the amps alone make this really a problem for basic consumer devices..

    Now on an industrial scale...

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  • JonasLondon
    Sep 25, 10:17 AM
    Aperture 1.5 news:

    - images can be stored on DVDs or other media
    - previews are shown in high quality even if they are stored on DVDs/"offline"
    - Aperture Library can be used in media browser of iLife/iWork (iDVD for ex.)
    - open API for example for the online ordering of images via internet (through non-Apple services)
    - API available through ADC
    - new loupe, magnification level no longer tied to specific settings/steps
    - better sharpening tool
    - meta data handling greatly simplified, presets allow meta data to be assigned to several images etc.
    - new full screen comparison mode for several images at once
    - loupe shows color information
    - new editing functions
    - color adjustments can be locked to specific color ranges, preset support
    - (cool!) offline media can be "edited", meta data accessible too


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  • roylong
    Dec 1, 11:13 AM
    I can sell you a can of spray paint and some masking covers so you can do the job yourself for about $20 :eek:

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  • NathanMuir
    Apr 7, 05:38 PM
    If the US Government shuts down, it'll be the last time I ever vote for a Republican Congressional candidate. I've only ever voted for one, current Senator Richard Burr, but I won't do it again.

    This mess is absolutely pathetic. IMO, the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot if the government shuts down. They can kiss the White House in 2012 and 2016 good bye.


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  • Warbrain
    Apr 5, 10:16 AM
    A MacBook trackpad does NOT need a click to register.
    You can change the settings so that you do not need to click at all, it simply takes your touch as a click. I use it in this way all the time, I NEVER click the touchpad.

    Yes but you do not need to use it as a physical button.
    You can use the MacBook 100% without EVER clicking the physical button.
    The trackpad can be setup in System Preferences to respond to a touch as a click rather than a physical click. That is the way I have used it from days one and I have no issues with it at all.

    I always question the sanity of people who use laptops this way.

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  • typecase
    Aug 14, 05:12 PM
    Speaking of parodies, this one's my favorite:


    One of my favorites too! :D


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  • Jessica Lares
    Feb 28, 11:00 PM
    You can teach them the value of a dollar if instead you give them an iTunes card and tell them its the only one there getting for X amount of time.

    That is what I do with my brother. And I think this is a better method than using the allowance account. How many people get paid on the 1st anyway? It's usually the 15th.

    The big problem with In-App purchasing is the fact that you can spend $0.99, but you also have the option of spending $100+. You could literally buy a new iPhone with that money, even food for a month. Those cards for like IMVU and Neopets that you can buy at the grocery store/Best Buy, DON'T go for more than $50. Same with Wii and Xbox Live.

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  • Dhelsdon
    Jan 21, 09:44 PM
    Any Navigon users out there who have switched to street pilot, is it worth switching over?

    What do you like better or worse about it?

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  • Dooger
    Mar 24, 01:33 PM
    Steve doesn't own the company,the stock holders do.

    Those"shock and awe merchants"are people who volunteered to risk their lives to defend their country.

    You're right, it's the stock holders calling the shots.

    And sorry to sound churlish, but how exactly is invading a country thousands of miles from your own an act of defence?

    Apr 25, 11:00 AM
    Rich bastard who deserves to be shot 300 times in the heart.. Yes, I hate rich people... I am glad many died in WWII and other wars.. at least they can't take their money which is worthless anyway to heaven.

    Yikes, this post is frightening.

    Sep 16, 12:33 AM
    Originally posted by fourthtunz

    Sounds like your not using X.2 or a New Mac.
    Why do you waste your time on here?
    Again, find a better deal than the New dual 867 on the Pc side, I'll buy it.

    I was speaking mostly of what others see when comparing. Believe it or not it, matters. True, numbers don't mean that much. It's all about the real-world performance. But you know what? Apple gets their butt kicked most of the time. You can quote benchmarks all you want, and for light stuff who cares? But for the hardcore stuff, Macs need to be faster and cheaper. That's all there is to it. They want to entice more Audio/Video/Image editing people, that's what they're gonna have to do.

    Why is it anytime anyone critizes the Mac, they are automatically written off as trolls? Are you just going to accept whatever Apple does? They aren't perfect you know (though they do seem that way next to a PC). I've had many, many computers. Several of them were Apples. My 6400 was slow as molasess and froze all the time, but it got the job done (most of the time). I've since sold off or given away all but a custom built AMD running Windows 2000. I would have had a new G4 Tower, but my project lost funding and now I'm moving.

    For the record, after I get settled in the new place, I was going to get an iBook and a Tower later (or a new PowerBook maybe). Why you ask? Because video editing in Windows sux. But it still bothers me that a very fast computer I built for a very small amount of money bests a $3,000 "SuperComputer". I'd rather use FCP (I've played with it, it's nice) instead of Premier. And OS X instead of Windows (any version, don't get me started on why XP sux so much).

    But not all of us can always afford a Lexus when a Toyota will work just fine (notice I didn't say Kia or something. I didn't buy a Gateway).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm actually happy with the 167 FSB, the large drive support, the dual CD Drives, etc. The Dual 1.25s look pretty zippy. But compare it to a PC (don't fool yourself, people do. Don't just tell them to buy a PC if they don't like it, cuz you know what, that's exactly what they do), it doesn't look so good. Apple is a business. WinTels are their competitors. We all have to recognize this. Apple has to keep up to stay alive in the long run.

    I'd rather have a Mac, but don't fool yourself. You can build a really nice PC for less than $2,000 (with plenty of basic software that helps you crash Windows even faster) that blows the $3,000+ machines out of the water. You get a nice, out of the box experiance with OS X.2, but is it worth it for the higher price and slower performance. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    I'm just so tired of PC weenies saying Macs are all style, no substance. And like many computer users who actually use their computers, I'm torn. Speed and price, or style and stability?

    Only when Real-Time is really Real-Time, only then will I be truly happy.

    Apr 30, 04:09 PM
    Witness, a phone as easy to use as Android makes Mac people fearful & defensive...yeah, they're tech savvy alright, HEH!


    It might just be me but I tried the Nexus S for three whole days and I found it incredibly confusing to use than my iPhone.

    What's more is, I got used to the iPhone on the first day of using it.

    Mar 28, 05:13 PM
    I think he;s going by the fact that iOS is mentioned before Mac OSX in the add.

    As someone earlier posted, I suppose those of us that use Apple computers as tools and not as a fashion item should just be grateful it is mentioned at all.

    that's even worse!! lol being picky about what's said first in a line?!?! so by that mentalilty if they were switched, would he then complain about Mac OS being the focus of Apple from now on? it's absurd to judge something like that just from a sentance like that. they have to have one before the other, it seems alphabetical, thats it.

    Sep 19, 04:15 PM
    everyone WILL have to install both updates, you can not update the SMC until you update the EFI, the SMC wont even show up in Software Update until the EFI is done

    also, i did the SMC update, and the fans are so freaking loud, i mean LOUD

    Do you mean "whilst" the update is happening the fans run at full speed, or after the update applys your fans are stupidly loud? :confused:

    With a pending order of the mac pro, the last thing I wanna go through is powermac G5 fan hell again......

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