Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • jimsowden
    Mar 28, 08:52 AM

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 1, 09:37 AM
    Some comments.

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  • baleensavage
    Oct 10, 01:17 PM
    "If you play with Billy down the street, we're not going to be your friends any more! Nah Nah."
    Target and Walmart sound like they are run by bratty jealous kids. Besides, I can't see how movie downloads are going to threaten DVD sales anyway. HBO didn't stop VHS sales. Netflix hasn't stopped DVD sales. Cable on Demand hasn't stopped DVD sales either. People want to buy things. They want to own them. They want something to hold in their hand with pictures and a booklet. Sure people will download TV shows or some movies to watch on their iPods on a commute, but it's not going to kill the DVD market. The only thing likely to kill the DVD market is this bogus format war going on between Sony and Toshiba. Now noone is going to want to buy any HD format because they dont want their purchase to be obsolete next year.

    On another note, how is this kind of corporate bullying legal? Doesn't the government actually try to enforce any antitrust laws any more? (rhetoric question)

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  • MacCoaster
    Sep 22, 07:29 AM
    Originally posted by avkills
    Ok, so Intel has the Itanium, well they have the Itanium2 I guess if you want to get super current, so what! The Itanium is based on a brand new design that looks good on paper, but Intel will be the first to admit it has not performed as good as they hoped.
    I simply meant the Itanium family, including both the original Itanium and the current Intamium 2.
    Sun, IBM and SGI have had 64bit processors way before Intel. So if you say the Itanium is ok for the high-end consumer, then It's safe to say that a Sun Ultra10 or a SGI Octane would also be a high-end consumer machine.
    Sure, okay. Compare the prices. The Itanium solution is much cheaper.
    What makes you so sure that a 16 processor G4 machine would not perform, because of the bus speed. What about super high-end servers like the CM5 or the Cray T3D. I seriously doubt those machines have 500Mhz bus speeds, or DDR memory. I know for a fact that the CM5 had dedicated memory for each processor node, and each node had 2 vector units. If you want, I can find out specifics from my brother, who has actually programmed code for it, when he worked at Las Alamos. Whether a 16 processor G4 machine is relevant or not, it could be built and if built right, would be very fast.
    Very irrevelant. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the G4 wasn't designed to be run in anything more than a dual configuration.
    So the .NET family is limited to 32 processors huh....Weak, very weak. You can say what you want, UNIX still scales better than Windows, no matter what the flavor.
    Windows isn't designed nor targeted at customers with more than 32 processors. If anyone wanted a 2048-way server, they'd either custom build it and load UNIX on it or have some large corporation develop the computer. It's a lot cheaper clustering 32 high-availablity servers than buying that one 2048-way server. Duh, Windows isn't scalable. It was NEVER designed primarily to be used on 2048-way supercomputers. That's way out of Microsoft's scope and market.
    In my opinion, Microsoft is beginning to die a slow painful death. Everyone is tired of their ************ and half-assed attempts of secure computing. Everyone always complains that Macs are not open enough, well I think the opposite is true. Apple embraces open standards and even invents and shares them when none exist, while Microsoft shuns and sometimes even steals others work, in a attempt to push their own proprietary formats and stifle progress.
    Funny that Microsoft pushed the ever-so-slow W3C to standardize further dynamic HTML/etc. technologies to become standard. Of course, W3C can't keep current to allow people to innovate in the web presentation standards. Microsoft is even pushing XML very hard with .NET Web Services. And yes, Macs are closed. Not in software, but in hardware. Maybe you were confused by the definition of Macs being closed. The older Macintosh hardware is so proprietary it's not funny. Recent Macs adopt technology that had been in PCs before, except FireWire of course, because Apple invented that. But the hardware is still proprietary. I don't see that we are able to take off-the-shelf high quality components and build our own PowerPC computers then slap Mac OS X on it. Also, Microsoft indeed is "against" open source, and yet they maintain a "shared source" implementation of .NET for FreeBSD. In fact, it's a very well done implementation -- not that most-feeble-possible-implementation that we thought could possible be.
    I find it funny that Intel invented USB, but it was Apple that took the leap of faith and pushed it into the mainstream. Apple, in my opinion is the only company thinking "outside the box" and in the end, they will win because of it.

    Maybe it was Apple and Microsoft (Windows 98) who popularized USB, but you've got to realize this. PCs have had USB a few years before Apple. It wasn't until iMac/Windows 98 (note, same year: 1998) that USB got popular.


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  • iMacThere4Iam
    Apr 14, 08:42 AM
    Too bad I can't find a store that has an iPad 2, due to all of the Asians buying them up every morning and exporting them (do they have an export license? I think not). I've been told the local foreign college students can send them back to their parents in China or Vietnam who then sell them for a $1000 profit.

    You ain't kidding. I drive by an Apple Store every morning for work, and there are always the same three Asian college - age students waiting outside 3 hours before opening. I assume they're there everyday hoping a new shipment came in overnight. I'm in the wrong line of work.

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  • dubbz
    Jun 13, 02:56 PM
    Isn't that everyone's IP? :o



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  • CaoCao
    Apr 9, 01:34 AM
    So what about pap smears, cancer detection, HPV detection, STD testing and immunization, sex education, and all the other things that don't have to do with popping out units that the GOP will also be killing?

    Maybe we should also tell women that in the name of personal responsibility, they need to learn how to detect cervical cancer their own damn self. Maybe we should also tell a guy with Chlamydia that he should buy a chemistry set and invent his own damn cure.

    Other organizations do that stuff also. The majority of Planned Parenthood's business is abortions.

    PS don't Planned Parenthood's origins

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  • justflie
    Nov 21, 04:36 PM
    If they can get it to work, engineers around the world will love them forever. Heat is always such a huge waste in any machinery, from computers to pumps to anything. The cost and environmental savings would be great if this tech (or something like it) can be effectively applied over a broad range of machinery!


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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 21, 12:56 PM
    If the hardware isn't that much different from the iPad 2 then why would they give it to devs early?

    You can't accurately judge how a game will run on an iPhone based on the iPad. Size and weight play a big part in terms of locations for on screen controls.

    I'd like more memory, perhaps going 768MB in the meantime - that extra 256MB over the 4 will easily hold an extra 10-20 apps in memory.

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  • ampd
    Sep 19, 11:09 PM
    PLEASE... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... don't talk if you don't know what you are saying. I'm not perfect... but I can absolutely, ABSOLUTELY guarantee ... GUARANTEE YOU... that you CAN indeed boot XP from the new Macs WITHOUT BOOTCAMP WHATSOEVER.

    That is how I have my iMac (24") setup...

    The FIRST thing I did when I took her out of the box was insert the WINXP SP2 CD... (nothing slipstreamed)... and hold down the "c" key...

    Voila! Booting into XP Setup... COMPLETELY FORMATTED THE ENTIRE 500GB DRIVE with XP... and she runs great.

    I then attached an EXTERNAL FW800 RAID 0 Setup (1TB now)... and boot OS X off that external slice...

    So... JUST SO YOU KNOW! Please try not to confuse the rest of the class Billy, uhmKay? ;)

    whatever your smokin, do you think i can get some...


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  • spydr
    Apr 5, 10:20 AM
    Wait....let me guess, their final conclusion is , that they still don't recommend it because of XYZ issues affecting a whopping 1% of the customers. Do I win the prize? :D

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  • DotComName
    Mar 13, 10:09 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Me either.


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  • Eraserhead
    Apr 7, 08:14 AM
    The Mac Guides are a great resource for the website, however I think the categories of articles on the site aren't particularly great which makes finding information difficult.

    I'd like to try and improve it, but part of the problem is the front page, which I can't edit and there should be a consensus on something that major.

    There a some categories that contain very little good content, for example the "Companies" category. There are some which are fairly meaningless like the "Guides" category. And there are some which seem a little wishy-washy like the "Digital Lifestyle" category, what should go in there? I think the following categories on the front page would be good.

    Main Categories

    Mac Hardware - Apples Mac hardware and related articles such as the ones for RAM and upgrades. Subcategories for laptops, desktops, and possibly individual models.
    Mac Software - Any software available for Mac OS X. Subcategories for Mac OS X, individual software titles and Programming.
    iTunes - Anything related to iTunes for Mac or Windows.
    iPod/Apple TV - Anything iPod or AppleTV (which is essentially an iPod that doesn't move :p) related.
    iPhone/iPod Touch - Anything iPhone, or iPod Touch related. Subcategories for jailbreaking and individual software titles.
    Gaming - The gaming articles are very popular (, and that Mac isn't always the best platform for gaming, so I think it should have its own category, including articles for connecting your console to your Mac. With subsections for iPod Game titles, Mac Game titles.
    Networking and Internet - Internet Related Articles. Subcategory for Software titles.
    People and Organisations - Any articles for companies and analysts and Apple CEO's.

    Special Categories - Same as now.
    Forum Posts - Same as now, but this should be a special category.
    Uncategorised - Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories. Could possibly be renamed "Miscellaneous" or something.

    Finally a link to the Help:Contents article from the front page would be useful.

    Any thoughts? Anything major I've missed?

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  • Millionaire2K
    Apr 13, 12:37 AM
    Just my thoughts.

    I think some of you are confused as to what �Carrier preferences� means. It�s not saying anything about which iPad is selling better. All it says is which iPad people would �like� to have. It doesn�t even mean which they �do� have. (AT&T iPad owner might want the Verizon one because of the bad service). So a AT&T iPad user �may� show under the Verizon numbers. Also its no shock the AT&T iPad is harder to acquire. Its most likely due to customers being �use� to the company. (example: mom buying her son an ipad will go to AT&T if they have AT&T phones.)

    Remember a good deal of iPhone customers are still AT&T customers. So when they bought their iPad why not just by the AT&T one. So since the mass �I� users are already with AT&T it only makes sense that that iPad would sell better. Also understand that not all AT&T customers hate AT&T.


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  • tech4all
    Oct 30, 04:13 PM
    ....I want better management tools for iWeb.

    I'm curious as to what you mean be better management tools.

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  • bushido
    Apr 19, 12:21 PM
    Who cares about Expose. Give me Multi-Touch Gesturing like I have on iPad 2. 4-5 finger swipe accross apps, 4-5 finger swipe up to show the mult-tasking pane; 4-5 finger pinch-close to get to the home screen........What can beat that??????

    i have it but never use it, to hard to do on that tiny screen. maybe if the 5th gets a 4 inch screen


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  • MattDell
    Oct 26, 01:14 PM
    Just got back from Regents! Scored a t-shirt and got Leopard. I feel bad for the people who didn't realise you could go upstairs and check out. The queue downstairs was appalling! I was in & out in about 5 minutes. Then by the time I got out the queue was still all the way down the street!

    And yes, the no student discount was bs!


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  • bsamcash
    Apr 6, 12:41 PM
    Has the Woz ever been wrong!

    But he is absolutely right. It is perfectly useable without a base computer to sync with, too. Think of it this way, if one doesn't have a computer already, they won't have anything to sync. Then it's just on to the iTunes Store.

    This is the right device for, say, my sister, who just wants to be able to browse the web, play some games, and watch some videos. And my guess is that's the target audience as well as the "normal" user.

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  • mich73
    Jul 10, 09:59 PM
    I was planning on just stopping by tomorrow afternoon. I hope they have a White 16GB model left. I didn't think a line would form this early in Cool Springs.

    I may have to rethink my plan. Keep posting and let us know how it goes!

    Oct 26, 01:47 PM
    I think this is a special case. This appears to be a "lite" version of Adobe Audition, which Adobe bought from Syntrillium Software (Syntrillium called it Cool Edit Pro).

    Cool Edit Pro was built from the ground up for the Intel architecture. At that time, Intel Macs didn't exist. Since there was no pre-existing PPC compatible version, they have decided not to create one.

    Don't worry too much. New Mac applications and updates for applications that already have PPC versions will probably be released as Universal Binaries for years to come.

    Oct 26, 02:47 PM
    Cool, more software is a good thing. No support for PowerPC users is just unfair, though. :( Oh well, I have no interest in it anyway. Now if it was Photoshop CS3... then I'd be pissed! :p

    Apr 30, 01:39 PM
    Guess we could always cancel the order and preorder in store to get the code immediately. If I haven't gotten a code by tonight, then that is what i'll do. Can't do much till after my finals though, so... push it outta my mind.

    Mar 1, 10:30 PM
    More screenshots carrying on from yesterday.
    There will be more from server admin later, which will show file-sharing options.

    Oct 16, 08:20 PM
    at the rate i'm going, it'll be out and i'll have one before my replacemet samsung comes in.....

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